It is so important to PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS & CHEAT DAY(S) in advance. Below I’ve shared my monthly calendars so that you can see how I do it. I’d love for you to become my workout buddy!

FIT Workout Calendar - January 2018
If you want to work out with me, then follow this calendar during the month of January. Please note: My workouts are apart of the Results in 28 Days Challenge that I'm participating in.
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Want to create your own workout calendar? Download this blank (editable) template…

Editable Monthly Calendar Worksheets
Editable Monthly Calendar Worksheets
Do you need help focusing on working out every month? I have the solution that you've been looking for. This calendar template is exactly what you need to plan your workouts & cheat days. It'll keep you on track & empower you to #slay your weight loss goals. Grab yours today!
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