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Take Steve’s Advice to “Jump” and Launch Your Business in Less Than 30 Minutes



Do you watch Family Feud? I’ve heard that the host Steve Harvey spends a little time before each show encouraging the audience to Jump and pursue their dreams. Maybe you’re like me and have never been a Family Feud audience member, but today you can let Steve Harvey’s advice to Jump inspire you to change your life and start winning. If you want to make more money and start winning in your finances, then for the next 30 minutes, focus on your goal to start your own business, implement the 5 action steps below and you will experience triumph in your life by fulfilling your dream to start your own business!  

Before we do, allow me to share My Story and explain how Steve Harvey’s advice inspired me to Jump and start my own business, Focus. Implement. Triumph!

My husband, Melvin loves Steve Harvey. I mean really loves him. Like call him ‘Uncle Steve’ type love. If you’re in his barbershop at 3 PM, then you are watching the Steve Harvey Show. It’s on all three televisions so even if you’re like me and don’t watch the show, if you’re sitting in his shop you don’t have a choice…. You’re watching Steve for one hour. Period. On one particular day, I happened to stop at the barbershop for a quick visit and like clockwork, at 3:00 all of the TV’s were turned to the Steve Harvey Show. I was talking and not paying much attention until two women began to tell the story about how they made the jump to start an event planning business. To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to their story. Even though it didn’t interest me at the time, for some strange reason the very fact that they made this jump resonated with me. Over the next few months, I couldn’t get the word ‘Jump’ out of my head. Each time the thought would enter my mind, I’d excuse it by saying that I didn’t have time to start a business working full time with a one year old. For months I battled with this simple thought… JUMP!

“You can achieve whatever you want, but don’t expect to get it if you are not ready to Jump” ~Steve Harvey

To my surprise, when I finally gave in and decided to make the jump to start my own business, it was Steve Harvey’s words that were the nudge I needed to believe in myself and my ability to make my dreams come true. It was also the insight that he shared within those pages that reminded me to have faith and keep going, even when I’m going through hell. Let me be honest, just like life isn’t easy, starting a business isn’t either. It’s hard work and it’s time consuming. If you’re like me and still working full time, it requires you to give up sleep. Lots of it actually, but it’s oh so worth it! [ctt template=”11″ link=”PZxt8″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]For everything that you give up, you receive a blessing that is worth so much more.[/ctt] If you have dreams that have gone unfulfilled and if you want to start winning in life, then it’s time for you to apply the principles of the FIT Program (Focus. Implement. Triumph!) and change your situation.

Now it’s your turn to JUMP! For the next 30 minutes, Focus. Implement. Triumph! Set your timer and get ready to win! Your business will launch in 5… 4… 3… 2…1…

 Implement these 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Own Business in Less than 30 Minutes

Download a step-by-step tutorial that breaks down each step and incorporates screenshots to show you exactly what to do

  1. Register Your Domain Name on SiteGround

Take it from me… All WordPress hosting companies are not created equal. I prefer SiteGround because of their excellent customer service and every review that I’ve read puts them above their competitors in efficiency and functionality. Normally they charge $9.95/month, but they’ve agreed to allow me to run an exclusive promotion that discounts the rate so that you only pay $3.95/month and receive a FREE domain name and email address. You can’t beat that price. Click here to get this special offer.

Implement these Action Steps to Register Your Domain Name:

  • Go to the Siteground website and click ‘Sign Up’
  • Select a plan. The features provided in the StartUp plan for $3.95/month provides everything you need and more
  • Register your new domain name
  • Enter all of the required information to secure your domain name and hosting services.

2. Install WordPress

WordPress is the service that you will use to establish your blog. Siteground makes it extremely easy to install WordPress. Download the “Launch Your Business in 30 Minutes” tutorial for a visual aid.

Implement these Action Steps to Install WordPress and Establish Your Blog:

  • To begin, login into your Siteground account by clicking ‘Login’ at the top right hand corner
  • Click on ‘My Accounts’
  • Click on ‘Go to cPanel’
  • In the autoinstaller section, click on ‘Wordpress’
  • Click Install on WordPress

To complete the configuration of your WordPress blog installation you must select specific settings. Here are my recommendations…

  • Choose protocol: In this you can select www with your domain or nonwww. I prefer using non-www, as it keeps the length of my URL shorter
  • Choose domain: Select the domain name from the drop-down on which you want to install WordPress.
  • In Directory: Leave this field blank
  • Database name & Table Prefix: Leave it as it. There’s no need to make any changes.
  • Sitename & Description: Add your sitename and description. This can always be modified after your WordPress blog is installed.

Congratulations! You now have an official blog.

3. Set up a Business Email Account (another FREE benefit offered by Siteground)

Depending on the name that you chose for your company it is quite possible that you can open a gmail or yahoo account, but why do so when Siteground offers you FREE email using your domain name. Using an email address with your company domain name makes you look like the professional that you are and it will be better received by your future customers.  

Implement these Action Steps to Set Up Your Business Email Account

  • Go to the cPanel and click on the Email Account Icon under the mail section
  • Enter a new email account you wish to establish and fill out the necessary details (name, password, quota (up to 2000 MB) and click ‘Create Account’
  • Your newly established email account will appear. Click ‘More’ and then click ‘Access Webmail)
  • Select your Default Webmail Application.  They appear in order from most functionality/features to least. If you want a lot of features, choose horde. If you prefer to have a standard email account without many extra features, choose SquirrelMail and if you want something in between, select roundcube. After you click ‘Set as Default,’ your new email address will popup and you’ll be officially in business.

Congratulations!!!!! How does it feel to be an official business owner? I’m so happy and excited about your future and promise to provide support, encouragement and motivation every step of the way. Please share with me and the other members of the FIT Fam your business information so that we can be the first members of your new community. To ensure that you build a successful, profitable business, I recommend the following next steps.

Implement these Next Steps to take Your Business to a New Level

  1. Customize Your Website
  • Check the email address that you used to establish your Siteground account. In it you will find a message entitled ‘Wordpress Installation Confirmation.’ This message includes all of the information that you need to login to your WordPress dashboard and begin customizing your website.
  • The first step to customizing your website includes choosing a WordPress theme. There are many free options, but if you want something unique, I highly recommend checking out White Oak Creative. When customizing the Focus. Implement. Triumph! website, I selected to use the Elm + Pine premade theme and also worked with Lindsay to design the FIT logo. She provided excellent customer service while working with me through several rounds of customizations and a name change!

2. Purchase a Get FIT with Erica Coaching Package

  • Get FIT with Erica is for anyone who desires to win in their finances by building an online business. Use the link below to get started with our signature coaching package.
    [product id=”152″]Over the course of four 1-hour coaching sessions, you will meet privately with Erica to craft your profitable business model and create your action plan for continued success. As an added bonus, you will also be enrolled in the exclusive Idea to Profit in 30 Days Course, which gives you a step-by-step playbook that teaches you how to develop your idea and launch an online business in one month.Your Program Benefits Include:

    • Four 1-hour private coaching sessions with Erica
    • A recording of each coaching session for you to listen to and learn from later
    • Tools & resources to assist you in goal development and achievement

3. Download these resources from my Triumph weapons arsenal to jumpstart your success

The best advice that I can give you is to build a community, collect email addresses and continue to develop useful, high quality content and resources that keeps them coming back for more. ConvertKit provides everything that you need and more to make this happen. If you’ve accepted the 7 Day FIT Challenge, the emails that you received in that FREE email course were all created and sent out through ConvertKit. Trust me, it’s one of the best investments that you can make.

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the trade secrets that I share in the Idea to Profit in 30 Days course. If you’re like me and not a professional photographer, there’s a hack that allows you to still create stunning images. Believe it or not, ALL of the images that appear on the FIT website and social media pages were created using Stencil. There are many companies out there that allow you to create images for free, but you typically have to pay $1 each for premium images. At Stencil, there is a free option, but there’s also an option for you to pay a flat monthly rate, which allows you to select any image that you choose. Since I knew that I would be using Stencil exclusively to provide images that I use on my website, Pinterest, Instagram and FaceBook pages, I decided to opt for the unlimited plan for $18/month. This plan allows me to create as many images that I like and between Instagram and Pinterest, that is sometimes upwards of 20+ images/day. They also offer a Pro plan for $9/month that allows you to create 50 images per month so check them out for all of your imaging needs.  

Another weapon in the Triumph arsenal is Tailwind. As I mentioned above, my social media strategy sometimes requires me to create 20+ images on a single day. In Idea to Profit in 30 Days, I teach you how to develop a strategy for each social media platform that will engage your audience and lead to increased page views on your website. Tailwind allows me to automate posts for Pinterest . I spend approximately one hour every Sunday to set up my posts for the week and bam! I’m done. For the next 7 days all of my images automatically post to Pinterest on the selected day and time. Without Tailwind I definitely wouldn’t be able to implement my Pinterest strategy.  

  • Later formerly known as Latergramme

Later makes posting to Instagram quick and easy. I use it to schedule 5-6 Instagram posts per day. Just like with my Pinterest strategy, I schedule all of my posts for the week on Sunday and Later sends a message directly to my phone when it’s time to post. It literally takes 30 seconds. The best part is that Later offers a FREE program that allows you to schedule 30 posts per month, but they’ve given me a special incentive to offer. By signing up for a Later account with this link, you will receive an additional 10 posts per month for FREE! That’s 40 posts every month for FREE.

If you are planning to offer coaching sessions, then I highly recommend that you sign up for Accuity Scheduler. It can be embedded directly into your website and the best part is that it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! Accuity Scheduler is the software that I use when scheduling my coaching sessions. It sends email and text reminders to both myself and the client so that we never miss an appointment. I love this service!

I’d love to hear about your business. Share your success with me and the entire FIT Fam

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