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Learn how to get paid to lose weight from anyone that's ever called you 'fat' (& everyone else too!)

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TIRED of Being Looked at as the ‘FAT GIRL’ in the Family?

NEED EXTRA MONEY, but Don’t Want to Place a Bet on Yourself or Purchase a Starter Kit to Become a MLM Distributor?

OVERWHELMED by the Thought of Starting ANOTHER DIET...?

Despite your best efforts, you don't seem to be making any gains, except for those extra pounds you gained during the holidays.

You’ve tried every diet out there and the pounds just won’t disappear. You even tried Weight Watchers after Oprah said she eats bread everyday (me too), but that didn't work either.

You bought a starter kit to become a distributor, got sucked into signing up for a monthly subscription and never earned enough money to cover the initial investment.

You bet on your weight loss, they took money out of your account every month and 6 months later, you still weighed the same and you lost your money on the bet.


Now, I’m losing weight and earning extra money every month because I have strategically mastered how to use social media, affiliate marketing & my blog to get paid to lose weight.


It's time to transform your pain into profit, get rid of those love handles & earn the extra money you need to live the life of your dreams.


>>Looking forward to your workouts rather than dreading them because you realize that every pound you lose equals extra money in the bank

>>Not only losing a ton of weight, but also earning money every time someone asks, ‘Hey girl, what are you doing to lose all of that weight?’

>>Getting paid from the mean girl that called you ‘Fat’ in high school or the guy that dumped you because you weren’t ‘his type’ because now they're coming to you to learn the secret to your success.

>>Transforming all of the pain that you've felt over the years from being overweight into profit by creating 3 additional streams of income in less than 2 months.




Check Out What's Inside the Course...

Module 1: Prepare to #Slay

During Week 1 you will prepare to slay your goals by learning how to:

  • Dream BIG,
  • Transform those BIG Dreams into Focused Goals &
  • Get Rid of Fear once & for all

Module 2: Transform Your Pain into Profit

During Week 2 you will transform your pain into profit by:

  • Creating a Vision,
  • Using Your Pain to Choose Your Ideal Profitable Niche &
  • Developing Your Brand Identity

Module 3: ABC's of Getting Paid to Lose Weight

Inspired by teaching my daughter her ABC's, during Week 3 you will learn the New ABC's about Income Stream #1 - Affiliate Marketing.

  • A: Affiliate Programs Exist for Almost Every Weight Loss Program/Product
  • B: BIG Bucks Come to Those that are True to Their Brand
  • C: Customers Have Problems. Figure Out What They Are & Solve Them

Module 4: Get Paid Using Social Media

During Week 4 you will learn how to get paid to lose weight using tips, tricks & hacks for Income Stream #2 - Social Media Profits.

Module 4 covers tips, tricks & hacks for the following social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest &
  • Facebook

Module 5: Create Your Own Blog

During Week 5 you will design the elements of website by completing tasks such as:

  • Installing a Theme
  • Creating a Menu & Homepage &
  • Developing Your Content Strategy

Module 6: Get Paid Using Income Stream #3 - Blog/Website

During Week 6 you will learn how to get paid using Income Stream #3: Your Blog/Website

  • Growing Your Tribe with a Free Resource & Opt-In
  • Developing an Email Marketing Strategy &
  • Developing a Plan to Increase Your Streams of Income Beyond the 3 Covered in this Course

Module 7: Get Paid to #Slay

Week 7 is where everything comes together & you begin to reap the benefits as you Get Paid to #Slay by learning how to

  • Get paid from Sponsored Ads WITHOUT Investing a Dime
  • Achieve Your Weight Loss Income Goals WITHOUT Spending Your Own Money
  • Profit From the Old Saying ‘I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You’


Everyone loves bonuses, right? By purchasing Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight, not only will you learn how to Transform Your Pain into Profit, but you'll also gain free access to these helpful bonuses.

#1: Access to the Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($250 Value)

This exclusive group will help you connect with others who have taken the course so that you can get feedback, ask questions, learn from others in your community, and offer help of your own.

#2: Group Coaching Sessions ($100 Value)

This adds, even more, value to the course. I want to help you slay your weight loss goals so that you can increase your income & help others do the same, so what's better than this? One Saturday a month, there will be a group coaching session in the private Mastermind group for students in the course. It will be called "Ask Erica Anything." This is your time to get feedback and support from me, and you can ask any questions related to your weight loss program, business, course material, strategies your implementing, blog, and so on. I will answer every question in the group coaching session.

#3: 50+ Companies that Pay You to Lose Weight (Priceless!)

This resource provides you with a list of companies that will PAY YOU to lose weight & directions on how to apply to each one. Apply to 1, 2, 10 or 50. It's up to you, but be sure that you're using the strategies you learn in the course to promote them properly.



I started my blog, Focus Implement Triumph, and began building my audience as everything I read instructed me to do. Follow 100 people every hour on Instagram... Unfollow everyone that didn’t follow back at the end of the week… 30-40 Pins per day… Engage in Facebook Groups…  I did it all and within 6 months, I was burned out! Literally… I dropped everything & didn’t pick up my computer again for the rest of the year.

All of a sudden, it came to me. After spending months taking courses & reading every article I could about how to earn money blogging, I had a light bulb moment. I figured out the magic bullet… Use My Pain & Transform It Into Profit.

It was so simple, but yet so complicated. I had to pull off the mask and commit to transforming my lifestyle so that what was once painful all of a sudden became the chief cornerstone of  my purpose. Once I began walking in purpose, the work was not done. I then had to add all of the pieces that I learned in the blogging world to the puzzle so that I could begin earning the extra money that I needed to create the life that I've always dreamed of for myself and my family.

It was a painful & frustrating process that I don’t want you to ever have to repeat.

If your desire is to rid yourself of the pain of being overweight and to profit from it instead, then I created this course just for you.

This 7 week program provides you with all the information you need to get paid to lose weight by creating 2-3 additional streams of income. It is designed to help you focus on transforming your life in the key areas such as healthy eating while also building your business (blog/website). I see too many people purchase programs and walk away saying…"man all they talked about is what I need to do, but they didn’t show me how to do it.”

I'm not the one & this is not THAT course.

I am literally sharing step-by-step trainings, walking you through how to create a purposeful vision that you will execute, how to start your very own blog, how to create and sell products on your blog and last but not least, how to get paid to lose weight. I won’t leave you hanging or trying to figure it out alone. I promise you that.

What's Holding You Back?

Lack of knowledge

Are you afraid that you aren’t knowledgeable enough to grasp the concepts in this course? I can get you from point A to point Z in this course. Trust me.

Tech skills

I hear this one all the time. "I am not tech savvy, or tech scares me. When I read creating an opt-in or email marketing my eyes roll back inside my head." I get it. I really do. I will be sharing easy tutorials that walk you through exactly what I am doing so it will be super easy for you.

Lack of Time

Even though the course is designed to be completed in 7 weeks, you have lifetime access which means that you can work at your own pace. You’ll also receive all future updates. So take your time, work at your own pace & implement the strategies when you feel like you’re ready.

I need to lose weight, but this won't work for me. Nothing ever does.

I get it. You’ve tried to lose weight in the past and even when it worked for everyone else, it just didn't work for you. You’ve always dreamed of starting your own business but never took the steps to actually do it. Well, TODAY IS A NEW DAY! I truly believe that you are right here, right now because THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!  You’ve been taking care of everyone else for far too long. It’s time for you to do something for you. Transform your pain, walk in purpose & begin getting paid to lose weight today!

When You Complete the Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight, You Will Walk Away...

  • With clarity on exactly what you want - Not just for your weight loss goals, but for your LIFESTYLE
  • Empowered to reach your specific weight goal faster than you thought possible
  • Earning extra money to get out of debt, travel more & live the life of your dreams.
  • An opt-in offer that is perfectly aligned to attract your ideal client.
  • A strategic email marketing funnel that captures traffic and turns subscribers into customers.
  • Profit on autopilot (an entire system in place to help you create 2-3 additional streams of income & generate passive income every month)


  • You’ve struggled to lose weight, but are ready to make a change
  • You want to get paid to lose weight without making bets or becoming a distributor and having to purchase a starter kit
  • You want to start your own online business/blog, but are unsure where to begin
  • You are overwhelmed with the idea of earning money using affiliate marketing, but want to do it
  • Ready to turn your situation around so that your pain becomes your purpose


When will I have access to the program?

  • Within a few minutes of purchasing you will receive a welcome email with all the details about the course, bonuses and access information. You will have immediate access to the Introduction and Module 1: Prepare to Slay & the FIT Affiliate Program information. You will then receive an email from me every week letting you know that a new module has been released and to help guide you and keep you on track.

How long will I have access to this course?

  • You will get lifetime access to Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight including all future updates!

Do I need to be tech savvy?

  • Not at all! I’ve already done the legwork to identify everything you need in order to be super-successful in taking this course. Throughout the modules I break things down for you step by step, and even include basic training in the most common tech tools, applications and plug-ins. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is when you know where to focus your energy. You certainly don’t need to be a tech guru, but once you start working with these tools with my guidance, you’ll probably feel like one!

I’m already so maxed out on time. Will it take a lot of time to implement and get through this program?

  • If you tried to figure all this out on your own, yes – it would take you a lot of time, trial and error! However, I’ve already figured out what works and what doesn’t, and now I’m handing it to you in a step-by-step, systematized way so that it’s easy for you to implement and proven to be effective in getting paid to lose weight. You cannot expect to make money overnight. If you put in the work you will start to hit your personal milestones and make a couple hundred dollars in a few months

What type of support will I be getting?

  • Everyone will be invited to join the Mastermind Facebook Group and will be able to participate in the monthly group coaching sessions. Pro & Elite students will have support in creating their website and opt-in offer as I will review and provide feedback on both. Additionally, Elite students also receive TWO 45 minute mastery coaching sessions with me.

This program is a big investment for me. Is it really worth the price?

  • I am not your financial advisor and would never push you into making a purchase you can’t afford. Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight is an investment, but it’s an investment that’s going to get you the results you want if you’re really willing to make the commitment. And I want you to know, this is the lowest price I will ever offer this course going forward. So if you grab it this time around, you will ultimately be saving money.

Hi! I'm Erica Crawford-Terry!

After struggling with being overweight for the last 20 years of my life, I finally figured the magic bullet that changed everything. As a former teacher, school counselor & current education administrator by day and blogger by night, this corner of the online world suits me perfectly. I love teaching the strategies that have led me to create a profitable business getting paid to lose weight.


  • All Course Modules
  • All Course Worksheets + Action Steps
  • Access to the Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight Mastermind Group
  • Access to Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to 50+ Companies that Pay You to Lose Weight
  • Eligible for FIT Affiliate Program
  • BONUS #1: TWO 45 Minute Mastery Coaching Sessions with Erica (Module 1 & 7)
  • BONUS #2: Video Recorded Website/Blog Critique Before You Launch (Module 5)
  • BONUS #3: Video Recorded Freebie (Resource/Opt-In) Critique (Module 6)
  • All Course Modules + BONUS: Blog Design Video Training
  • All Course Worksheets + Action Steps
  • Access to the Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight Mastermind Group
  • Access to Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to 50+ Companies that Pay You to Lose Weight
  • Eligible for FIT Affiliate Program


Apply the material. Meet the FIT Slayers & Engage in the Mastermind. Really dig in and use all the tools at your disposal. Show us evidence that you tried your hardest to make it happen! If after 30 days of real effort, you haven’t found any success with the course, we’ll give you a FULL refund. Contingent upon you actually DOING the course work. We will ask you to fill out a workbook to show that you tried the material in the course and didn’t get results. We want serious students only.