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My birthday was in February and the fat girl that lies within came all the way out during my birthday weekend.

She ate birthday cake (2 days in a row), chocolate + M&M cookies, fried food, mac & cheese, pretzels, popcorn, cheesecake, drank wine, oh and ate pizza… twice. Pizza… Oh, how SHE LOVE PIZZA!

The fat girl went crazy February 23-26 & binged on junk food for 4 days straight!


Can you guess what happened when she, oops… I weighed in 3 days later?

I LOST 7 POUNDS in February for a total of 22 Pounds in 2 Months!


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At this point you may be wondering how it’s possible for me to lose weight after binge eating on junk food, sweets and fried food for 4 days.

With the exception of my binge weekend, I followed 4 simple steps to lose 22 pounds in 2 months.



Step 1 | Small Meal or Shake Every 2-3 Hours

Step 2 | Workout 4-5x/week

Step 3 | Always Workout With My Sweat Band

Step 4 | Get in Extra Steps on Days I Don’t Workout

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Step 1 | Small Meal or Shake Every 2-3 Hours

My daily meal plan is as follows:

7 AM: Breakfast (typically two boiled eggs + steel-cut oatmeal + coffee)

10 AM: Piece of Fruit + Meal Replacement Shake (To find out my favorite shake, check out this review)

1 PM: Lunch (typically protein + veggies)

4 PM: Piece of Fruit + Meal Replacement Shake

6:30 PM: Dinner (typically a protein + veggies + brown rice)

I don’t consume anything other than water after 7 PM.



Step 2 | Workout 4-5x/week

I workout at home with the Results in 28 Days Challenge (#RI28).

I love this workout program because…

  • Each workout is SHORT! Since every workout consists of 4 rounds of high impact exercises lasting 8 minutes each, I’m able to complete each workout in less than 40 minutes including breaks + stretching.


  • There is NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT required. This makes it super easy for me to complete the workouts while staying in  hotels when I’m traveling for work.


  • Last, but certainly not least, I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about how terrible I look while doing it. Yes, I’m that self-conscious. When my booty claps during jumping jacks I don’t have to look around to see if anyone heard it. (FITthick Chicks understand what I’m talking about. LOL!)


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Step 3 | Always Workout With My Sweat Band

I travel a lot work for. On one of my trips I forgot to pack my sweat band and I almost cried. Yes, it’s that serious!

Working out with a sweat band makes me sweat so much more and my body is always dripping when I remove it after the workout is complete. The day I worked out without it, I hardly sweated at all. I’ll never make that mistake again!




Step 4 | Get in Extra Steps on Days I Don’t Workout

My Fitbit Blaze is my best friend. It goes with me everywhere I go & I rely on it heavily to help me slay my weight loss goals. On days that I don’t workout, I take extra long walks while at work to ensure that I reach my target of 8000 steps per day. I’ve found that I don’t gain back any weight on the days that I do.


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