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“2018 is going to be the year that I lose ALL of this weight.”


It seems like I’ve been saying this same line my entire life and every year it’s the same result.

I make a New Year Resolution that I’m going to lose such & such pounds, proclaim that it’s going to be the year that I get skinny, but by the time that the end of the year rolls around I find that not much has changed from the previous year.

Don’t get me wrong. It hasn’t ALWAYS been like this.

My weight yo-yo’s…. Up and down…. Up and down it goes…


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My daughter is 2 years old and it wasn’t until I implemented the strategy that I’m sharing with you today that I finally lost my baby weight. I imagine that right now you’re wondering…

So How Did You Lose 15 Pounds in 28 Days?

Here’s exactly what I did with three action steps that you can take to lose weight too!


Are you struggling to lose weight? I have a solution!
Step 1| FOCUS

January, 2018 I decided to Focus on One Goal

I was determined to step on the scale & see 199.Anything.

My starting weight on January 1st was 213.8 so in order for me to get to Onederland, I had to lose 13.9 pounds.

Fourteen pounds may not sound like a lot but if you’ve struggled with being overweight, then you understand how hard it is to get that much weight off in one month.

Believe it or not, I lost the 10 pounds in the first week then, I entered the fight of my life. For three weeks I battled with the scale & my food temptations to lose the next 5 pounds. I share my struggles here. It was tough, but so worth it in the end.

Action Step #1: Develop one Weight Loss Goal to FOCUS on this month.


How I Lost 15 Pounds in 28 Days


Step 1 was the easy part for me. I can spend an entire month creating goals and writing action plans without actually doing anything.

Step 2 is where you stop talking and start doing. The Implement step requires that you create an action plan and actually follow it. 

Throughout the month when you find that a part of your plan isn’t working the way you imagined, change it. Don’t continue to do something that’s not working just for the sake of doing it.

After I lost 10 pounds in the first week, I hit a plateau during the second week which required me to reassess the plan. I share the details of those changes here.

Now don’t get me wrong. Don’t think that you’re going to see changes immediately, but if you go 2 weeks or more without losing anything, then tweak your plan so that you begin to see results.

I created my Action Plan on January 1st and by the end of my planning process (described here), there were two main goals that I could easily implement.



I accomplished the goal to workout 4-5x per week by enrolling in the Results in 28 Days (#RI28) Challenge & following their workout calendar. They have a beginners program and an intermediate program so if you’re looking for a great workout program, I highly recommend #RI28. 


>>>Click Here to Workout with the Results in 28 Days Program


Eat Healthy

Honestly, when I began my FIT planning on January 1st, I didn’t even know what ‘eat healthy’ meant for me.

I had tried so many diets in the past. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t. I’d actually lost 50 pounds on Atkins so I considered trying that again, but I decided against it. I didn’t really want to cut out ALL carbs and I eventually gained all the weight back + some after I started eating carbs again so it wasn’t really worth it.

My mom had gifted me with Vi Shape Protein Shakes so I decided to start there. The directions stated that to achieve the best results, drink 2 shakes per day. Ok, I could do that.

The first week drinking two Vi Shakes a day was pretty easy, but then I got bored with the taste. I needed some variety so after I did some research, I found IdealShape & fell in love with their Key Lime Superfood Shake. Combining Vi Shape with IdealShape worked well for me.

The best part about my decision to workout with #RI28 is that they not only supplied a workout calendar, but also a meal plan. I pretty much followed their meal plan, but tweaked it so that it worked for me.  All the details of my meal plan are included in the FIT Journey Quick Start Kit

>>Click Here to Grab Your FIT Journey Quick Start Kit


Action Step #2: Choose a Workout & Healthy Eating Program that will empower you to reach your weight loss goals.


 3 Steps I Used to Lose 15 Pounds in 28 Days
 Step 3| TRIUMPH

After participating in the Results in 28 Days Challenge during the month of January, I’m happy to share that I LOST 15 POUNDS!!!! I slayed my goal to reach 199.Anything & weighed in with a final weight of 198.4 on January 28, 2018.

The Triumph Step requires you to share your success with others. One way to do so is by starting a Weight Loss Blog. By doing so, you will be positioning yourself to EARN EXTRA MONEY!

Just in case you’re wondering how you can earn extra money by starting a weight loss blog, here’s how…

In a nutshell, You Can Get Paid to Lose Weight by Following 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Share the details of your weight loss journey on social media and in your blog posts.

Step 2: As you share, refer your readers to purchase the products that you’re using.

Step 3: Every time they make a purchase using your referral code, you get paid a commission.


Action Step #3: Get Paid to Lose Weight by Sharing Your Success on Social Media.



To learn the specific strategies that I use to implement the 3 Steps to Get Paid to Lose Weight, enroll in the FREE Course ‘5 Social Media Hacks to Get Paid to Lose Weight.

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YOU’RE INVITED to join me in the next challenge. If you’ve been debating on whether or not you should enroll, here’s my advice: Stop thinking about it & just do it! After you register for the next #RI28 Challenge, join my Private Facebook Support Group, ‘Summer Time Fine with #RI28.’ We’re a group of beautiful women, just like YOU, that are supporting & encouraging each other to get summer time fine using this program. Hope to see you soon!




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