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3 weeks into this journey and already I’m experiencing Triumph! If you’ve been keeping up with my journey then you already know  2018 began with a 'New Year, New Me' attitude and a resolution to not only lose 50 pounds, but to get paid to lose weight without placing any bets or buying a starter kit to become a distributor. This week I slayed my first goal. Read more to find out my progress!that I’ve been in the greatest battle of my life with my #1 hater: Ms. Scale! She loves to give me bad news early in the morning, but I declared that I was going to win this week and guess what…. I DID IT! I’m officially in ‘Onederland!!!!’ I haven’t seen the 100’s in almost 3 years so it feels extremely good to be back.

If you have enrolled in the FREE course, Prepare to #Slay, then you already know how important celebrating your victories are. I highly recommend that you celebrate each milestone, even the small victories. To celebrate reaching my first goal, which was to enter ‘Onederland’ by losing 14 pounds, I’m going to treat myself to a new hairstyle. I’ve been wearing braids for the last year or so and even though they’re super easy to maintain, I miss my sew-ins. Despite the fact that when you account for the cost of hair, sew-ins are twice as much as braids, I’m going to treat myself to one. It’s my gift to myself for reaching 199…. Now the challenge for the rest of this month will be keeping it off so that I never see 200+ again.


One of my biggest challenges to staying consistent in this journey is the fact that I travel for work. This means overnight stays in hotels & a generous meal per diem that allows me to basically eat whatever I want at the restaurant of my choice. Today marks my first trip of the year, i.e. my first trip since starting my FIT Journey and the first place that I’m going is back home to Cleveland, OH. Normally that would be a good place to go because it provides the opportunity for me to catch up with friends and family while having a drink at one of my favorite restaurants. This time was different though. I literally just sent my best friend a text that read…

‘Hey Bestie! I’m in town. Want to go grab a good salad from somewhere?’

How terribly lame! Grab a good salad, really? Luckily she’s on a weight loss journey of her own so while we both would have preferred spinach dip & martinis, we settled for salads from a place that she just introduced me to called Cafe 56. Believe it or not, the 56 in their name represents the 56 different salads that they offer. After carefully considering every salad on the menu, I chose to go with the Jerk Chicken salad. While it was nowhere near the taste & spice found in real Jamaican made Jerk Chicken, it was still 2018 began with a 'New Year, New Me' attitude and a resolution to not only lose 50 pounds, but to get paid to lose weight without placing any bets or buying a starter kit to become a distributor. This week I slayed my first goal. Read more to find out my progress!superb! No, seriously. LOL! It was one of the best salads that I’ve ever had in my life. I substituted the normal raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing with the fat free raspberry mango alternative and it was so good that I could have taken my finger & wiped the bottom of the container to get the last drop. If I’d been at home, I probably would have done it. (*wink) The fruit on this salad was sooooo fresh, which isn’t always the case with fruit in Cleveland during the winter months. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t live here because I would be spending money on salads from here everyday. My salad outing wasn’t so bad after all. This is definitely a restaurant that I highly recommend and will return to the next time I’m in town.   


Today is the real test… At the beginning of the year when I took the plunge and enrolled in the Results in 28 Days Challenge, one of the biggest deciding factors was the fact that it requires no extra equipment, which means that I can easily complete the workouts from my hotel room.

Pressing play to workout at home is one thing, but to actually press play from this hotel room… Now that’s a whole nother story. Even though I’m traveling for work, it still seems like a mini vacation. I don’t have a 2 year old to tend to… No hair to comb… No baths to give… No books to read… No questions to answer… No dinner to cook… It’s just me, my thoughts & I. As much as I’m enjoying this peaceful break from reality, I’m still on a mission to lose this weight in 20-1-8 so here goes… I’m about to press play & get it done!    


Yesterday I learned that when it comes to at home workouts, the actual act of getting dressed and pressing play is the most difficult part. Once you press play & do that first exercise, you get in your groove and before you know it, the workout is completed.

Today was special because I finally released a course that I’ve been pouring myself into for awhile… Ultimate Blueprint to Get Paid to Lose Weight.  I’m so excited about this new course offering because I know that it’s going to empower hundreds of people to not only lose weight but get paid for it. If that’s your desire, then ENROLL NOW with this SPECIAL OFFER

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