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UPDATED 2/27/18: 17k to 504K in 26 Days



(Previous stats were 17K to 150K in 10 Days to 293K in 17 Days to 410K in 23 Days)





Last July, I Quit!


Yep, you read that right…




In addition to my normal 9-5 job, I was spending countless hours writing blogs posts, promoting on social media, creating free resources, maintaining a Facebook group, developing sales funnels, researching SEO to use the best keywords, etc…


You know what I’m talking about…


ALL of the tasks that come along with blogging…


Those tasks that you dread doing but must in order to keep your blog afloat…


Well, all of those things were getting the best of me. I WAS STRESSED OUT!


And guess what?


After all of that work, I’d check my Google analytics only to find that NO ONE WAS READING MY BLOG!


Frustrated by my lack of success and tired of missing out on precious family time with my one year old daughter, I QUIT!


In July 2017, I closed my laptop & didn’t look back.

I quit blogging

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For months, I didn’t give blogging a second thought.


As a matter of fact, months later when I was creating my New Year Resolutions, starting to blog again was the furthest thing from my mind. Instead I was determined to make 2018 ALL ABOUT ME so I made a commitment to lose 50 pounds.


As I planned the details of my weight loss journey, starting my blog back up still didn’t enter my mind. I began researching how to get paid to lose weight and all I could find were posts about using Healthywage to place a bet on yourself.


For reasons that I explain in my post, ‘New Year, New Me,’ I decided that paying $100/month to place a bet on myself wasn’t for me. I wanted to earn more money NOW, not in 9-12 months.


When I began to think about ways to EARN EXTRA MONEY, that’s when the lightbulb went off…




From there, Focus Implement Triumph, was reborn!


I’d already failed once, so I knew that I couldn’t go that same route again. I had to learn how to MAXIMIZE MY TIME so that my blog would be PROFITABLE.


Since I had quit blogging 6 months earlier, the engagement of my audience had dwindled to almost ZERO….


My website page views were pretty much ZERO


My social media presence was pretty much ZERO


Everything was at ZERO!


As a result, I was starting completely over as if I was a BRAND NEW BLOGGER again.

Starting over as a new blogger


When I first started blogging, I experienced a lot of success gaining followers on Pinterest and surprisingly, the majority of my followers were still there.


Pin to Win: Learn How to Get 500+ Pinterest Followers in One Week
Pin to Win: Learn How to Get 500+ Pinterest Followers in One Week
FREE tutorial that teaches you the exact steps to gain 500 Pinterest followers in one week | Focus. Implement. Triumph!
Price: $0.00


I knew that I needed to improve my Pinterest strategy but rather than spending lots of time researching and trying to figure everything out myself (a major mistake and time suck that I made the first go-round), I decided that I would enroll in a Pinterest course.


Honestly there were a lot of courses to choose from, but as fate would have it, at the same time that I’d decided to invest in a Pinterest course, Latasha from the blog, Arts & Budgets, announced her new course Pinterest Superhero. I absolutely love her pins & knew from following her that she’d grown her own Pinterest account from 500K monthly viewers to 1M in ONE MONTH!


The price was right so on Feb. 3, 2018 I enrolled in Pinterest Superhero (you can too right here for the low, low price of $49).


After enrolling in Pinterest Superhero, I spent the rest of the day reviewing the course modules, watching the videos, creating new pins, scheduling pins on Tailwind & designing a Pinterest Success Strategy that would fit my busy schedule.


On Feb. 4th I began implementing my Pinterest Success Strategy and believe it or not, my Monthly Viewers grew from 17K to 504K in less than 1 month!


How I grew my Pinterest monthly viewers from 17K to 293K in 17 days


Latasha’s course transformed me into a Pinterest Superhero & YOU CAN BECOME ONE TOO for less than $50.







1 | SEO… So That They Know


The best advice that I received in Pinterest Superhero is to Treat Pinterest like a search engine!


Just like you add popular keywords to your blog post meta descriptions, do the same thing when adding pin descriptions.


Find popular keywords for your niche & incorporate them into your profile + Pinterest board descriptions.


2 | Design Pins They Want to Click


Every Pin MUST Include a:


~Honest Headline that lets the reader know exactly what they will learn or be able to accomplish when they read the post. Make it catchy by using bright colors & large, bold letters, so that it grabs their attention.


~Branding that includes your logo or website url. Your logo/url should be included on EVERY PIN so that it’s easily recognizable & instantly alerts your tribe that you created the pin.


~Call to Action that describes the exact action they should take.


Popular Call to Action Statements include:

~Download ‘Product

~Learn More

~Enroll in ‘Course’

~Grab Your ‘Product’

~Read Now


3 | Pin All Day, EVERYDAY!


Pin All Day, EVERYDAY may sound impossible, but trust me, it’s not!


Tailwind makes it possible to put your Pins on Autopilot.


If it wasn’t for Tailwind, I would have never been able to maximize my productivity & grow my blog’s traffic on autopilot.


Tailwind is the scheduling app that I use to automate my pins. I love this app because it’s a great way to schedule all of your pins (at the best times) so that you don’t have to worry about pinning every day to promote your blog. Using Tailwind I am able to pin and repin at least 30x/day.


Before I continue, I want to offer you the opportunity to give Tailwind a try.


>>>Get Your FREE Tailwind trial to schedule 100 pins NOW!


In Pinterest Superhero I learned that Pinterest rewards you for actually being present and engaging on the platform.


In order to get those Pinterest bonus points, I spend time twice a day manually pinning my own posts & repinning others as well. I strongly believe in sharing the love so every time I pin to a group board, I repin from that same board even if it’s not required. Yes it takes more of my time, but to me, it’s just the right thing to do.


4 | Engage on Every Stage


In order to ensure that your pins get noticed, you must engage with other active pinners and give them the opportunity to share your pins with their followers. The more shares that a pin gets, the more popular it becomes and it may even eventually show up on the Smart Feed making it even more popular.


I recommend three stages for engaging with other active pinners.


Stage 1| Pinterest Group Boards


Pinterest Group Boards are an excellent way to get your pins noticed from people that don’t follow you. The boards are typically niche specific so people that are searching the board are most likely looking specifically for your area of expertise. Since starting to focus on growing my Pinterest views, I’ve joined over 20 group boards.


To participate in group boards, reach out to the owner of the board and request to become a contributor. After your request is accepted, you will be able to pin to that board just like you do your own.  All you do is add the pin to the group board and then repin a pin from that board,


I am accepting contributors for three group boards:

  1. Tips for Blogging Success: I am the owner of this board & would love to collaborate with you. If you pin about any blogging topic & would like to become a contributor, fill out this quick form: http://bit.ly/2nYyEML


  1. Weight Loss Tips: I am the owner of this board & would love to collaborate with you. If you pin about healthy living, fitness and weight loss & would like to become a contributor, fill out this quick form: http://bit.ly/2nYyEML


  1. Black Bloggers Network: This board is exclusively for members of the Black Bloggers Network Facebook Group. If you’d like to become a contributor on this board, click here to join the Black Bloggers Network Facebook group & then follow the directions on the pinned post.


Stage 2 | Facebook Groups


Facebook groups are a dynamic way of boosting your Pinterest traffic if you engage in the daily threads.


Be sure to only participate in threads that are Pinterest related.


WANT MORE FOLLOWERS? Join threads that allow you to share the link to your profile.


WANT MORE CLICKS + VISITS TO YOUR BLOG? Join threads that allow you to add a link to a pin that you would like people to read or visit.


WANT MORE REPINS? Join threads that allow you to to add a pin so that you can repin others.


As you engage in Facebook groups, Stay Focused on growing your Pinterest traffic. Don’t participate in threads unrelated to this goal because it’ll only waste your time. FOCUS!


The Pinterest Views Cheat Sheet includes the main Facebook groups that I participated in to grow my views from 17K to 150 K in 10 days. Every group included on this list provides DAILY ACTIVITIES that drive traffic to your website. Become engaged in these groups and I guarantee that your blog traffic will at least double in two weeks.



Below are the two Facebook Groups that I manage. I’d love for you to join!

  1. Black Bloggers Network: I created this group for bloggers to unite and help promote each other’s work. Everyday there’s a thread dedicated to sharing information about each other’s blogs and/or social media platforms. Of course we have a Pinterest group board dedicated to promoting our community. ALL ARE WELCOME so JOIN NOW!


  1. FIT Slayers: If you blog about fitness, healthy eating and/or weight loss topics or are interested in learning more about those topics, then I invite you to join the community that I created for Focus Implement Triumph tribe members! If you’re looking for encouragement or motivation for your weight loss journey, then this is the place you want to be. If you blog about these topics & have great info to share, we’d love to have you. See You Soon!


Stage 3 | Tailwind Tribes


I’ve already told you how much I love Tailwind, but when they added the Tribe feature, OMG!


If you’ve never joined a Tribe before, it’s an amazing way to increase the reach of your pins. Each person in the group adds their own pins in the queue. Once you see the pins in the queue, you can add them to your scheduled pins in Tailwind.


If you have a blog, you are most likely using Pinterest to create pins and promote them on Pinterest. (If not, I would recommend doing this NOW.) Tailwind Tribes is simply one more place to pin your pins for exposure. The more eyes on your pin, the more potential re-pins and traffic to your blog.


I’m so sure that you’ll love Tailwind Tribes that I’m inviting you to join mine.


>>>Click here to Join the Weight Loss Tips Tailwind Tribe
>>>Click here to Join the Tips for Blogging Success Tailwind Tribe
>>>Click here to Join the Black Bloggers Network Tailwind Tribe


5 | Slay Your Business Goals


In order to #SLAY your Business Goals, you must sign up for a Pinterest Business Account & become obsessed with your analytics. I check my analytics dashboard EVERYDAY!


My favorite component of the Analytics Dashboard is the Top Pin Impressions feature. I use this to determine which of my pins is the most popular & then I repin that post to new group boards.


I hope that you have found this post to be informative. My goal is to empower you to Slay Your Goals.

Remember to

  1. Use Lots of Keywords (SEO, Baby!)
  2.  Include a catchy Headline, unique Branding + Call to Action in EVERY Pin you create
  3. Use Tailwind to Pin on Autopilot
  4. Join Pinterest Group Boards + Facebook Groups that allow you to promote your blog
  5. Set up a Pinterest Business Account + Frequently check your Analytics Dashboard
What tricks do you use to grow your Pinterest account? Leave a comment. I’d love to learn more!

Feel free to email me or use the contact form if you have any questions. I’d love to hear your success story. Good luck!





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