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Just in case you haven’t been following my journey this year, let me catch you up.

I’m on a mission to not only LOSE 50 POUNDS this year, but to also GET PAID TO DO IT!

In order to achieve my goals, I made two major commitments.


Commitment 1 | Workout 4-5x/week (I currently work out at home with the Results in 28 Days Challenge & am having phenomenal results!)


Commitment 2 | Follow a healthy eating plan that includes consuming 5 small meals a day with two of them being meal replacement shakes.


Adding meal replacement shakes to the plan initially occurred simply because my mother had gifted me with a package of Vi Shape Shakes for Christmas. The first week of my new healthy eating lifestyle, I lost 10 pounds so I was hooked!

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks into my routine of gulping down 2 Vi Shakes a day, I was already tired of them. It only comes in one flavor and even though it tasted good initially,  by the second week, it was starting to wear on me.

I needed some variety in my flavors so I performed a quick Google search and found IdealShape.


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Perform a quick Google search of IdealShape & you’ll see two major claims…


Claim 1 | The Best Weight Loss Shakes, Bars & Plans


Claim 2 | Control Hunger & Drop Pounds


These are some serious claims… don’t you think so?

Despite the fact that I was a skeptic, the claims intrigued me enough to click on the link & check out the website. Here’s what I found…

The absolute first thing that I noticed is that there is NO DIVERSITY on the homepage!

As an African American, the images on the website made me feel like the product was not for me at all. In the past I would have went right back to Google to search for a product that marketed to an audience that includes me, but in 2018 I’ve decided that I’m not allowing ANYTHING to stand in my way, not even poor marketing.

With this newfound attitude, I continued reading the testimonials and reviews and I came across three more claims…


Claim 3 | Gain More Savings


Claim 4 | Gain More Energy


Claim 5 | Gain More in 2018


Between the Google search and homepage on the website, there were 5 claims that I decided to put to the test. Since they have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, I figured that if I didn’t love the shakes I could always request my money back so what was there to lose? Absolutely Nothing! With that in mind, I went for it!

In order to test these claims, I placed an order for the Limited Edition 7 Day Box which was on sale for $12.99.


>>>Click here to get 20% off your first order. CODE: SHAKES20


It took a lot longer than I anticipated to arrive. Amazon Prime has me spoiled so I’m always looking for my shipments to arrive in 2-3 days. This package took over a week to arrive.


When I opened the box, I can honestly say that I was quite surprised. The contents were definitely worth waaayyyy more than the super low price of $12.99.


Inside the Limited Edition 7 Day Box was:

  • 1 Chocolate IdealShake Sample Pack
  • 1 Vanilla IdealShake Sample Pack
  • 1 Cookies ‘N Cream IdealShake Sample Pack
  • 1 Mint Chocolate Chip Sample Pack
  • 1 Chocolate Peanut Butter Sample Pack
  • 1 Vanilla Chai Sample Pack
  • 1 Key Lime IdealShake Super Sample Pack
  • IdealShape Shaker Bottle
  • 1 Peach Raspberry IdealBoost Stick Pack
  • 1 S’mores IdealBar


Now that I had the box in hand, I was ready to put it to the test. Here’s what I found …


Claim 1 |  The Best Weight Loss Shakes (I didn’t test bars & plans)


This claim is TRUE.


On the first day, I began this taste test with the Vanilla Shake. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. It had an after taste that almost tastes metallic. Therefore, I Do NOT recommend the Vanilla Shake because there are so many better flavors to choose from.


My favorites IdealShape Shakes are:


  • The Mint Chocolate Chip Shake will leave you saying OMG!!! It’s a smooth tasting shake that can really be a dessert. Best part… it’s only 100 calories. I’m totally in love!


  • The Key Lime Pie Superfoods Shake is my favorite flavor. It includes 9 different superfoods including Spinach, Kale, Fennel, Flaxseed, Blueberry, Parsley, Apple Pectin, and Wheat Grass and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. It’s soooo good! YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHAKE & at only 110 calories per serving & 12g of protein and 5g of fiber, your body will too!


  • The Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake is definitely recommended if you like the taste of peanut butter. I usually think that peanut butter is overpowering, but not in this shake. It has the perfect mixture of peanut & chocolate and truly tastes like a milkshake. I can drink these everyday with no problem. They are absolutely delicious!!!!


  • Got a taste for cookies? Then try the Cookies & Cream Shake. It has small pieces of something in it that makes you feel like you’re eating cookie crumbs. Yummy!


IdealShakes are so delicious that I have completely converted to using them as my sole meal replacement shake. I didn’t even finish my last bag of Vi Shakes because these are just that good.


Claim 2 | Control Hunger & Drop Pounds


This claim is TRUE.


Yes, IdealShape Shakes control hunger!


Drinking 2 shakes/day has curbed my appetite tremendously. This may be TMI, but the fiber has me very regular too! LOL!


Yes, IdealShape Shakes help you drop pounds!


I lost 15 pounds in my first month of living this healthy lifestyle and as I’m writing this, I’m down 20 pounds in less than 6 weeks!  I’ve been able to DITCH THOSE MOMMY JEANS, my LOVE HANDLES ARE SHRINKING & overall, I FEEL GREAT!


Claim 3 | Gain More Savings


This claim is TRUE.


IdealShape has SHAKES ON SALE EVERY WEEK, which is another reason that I’ve made the switch from Vi to IdealShake.


>>>Click here to get 20% off your first order. CODE: SHAKES20


Claim 4 | Gain More Energy


This claim is FALSE.


The taste is great, I’m losing weight & the savings are phenomenal, but…


It doesn’t give me that extra burst of energy that I get from a Vi Shake. I find myself so tired at work sometimes that I have to grab a second cup of coffee to get me through the day.


The upside is that I SLEEP BETTER when I drink an IdealShape Shake in the afternoon because I’m able to whine down faster. So actually, it may be a good thing that it doesn’t give me more energy. I’ll think about that one & get back to you.


Claim 5 | Gain More in 2018


This claim is TRUE.


Recall my mission 2018 from the first line of this post…


Lose 50 Pounds & Get Paid for It!


Well IdealShape is helping me ‘Gain More in 2018’ because they have a great affiliate program. (Click here to Join the IdealShape Affiliate Program!)


The IdealShape Affiliate Program is a part of the Shareasale Network. It pays a 8% commission on all sales + $5.00 referral fee for each of your blogging buddies that signs up to become an affiliate using your referral code.





Ready to EARN EXTRA MONEY? Of course you are!


>>>Click Here to Join the IdealShape Affiliate Program!


Final Thoughts & Recommendations:


1 | Lessons
  • Shipping is SLOW. If you want to use their regular shipping through UPS the I highly recommend placing your order at least 2 weeks in advance. If you don’t want to wait that long, then pay the extra $3 for the Fedex Premium Shipping. I used that to purchase the IdealShake Starter Kit on sale for $39 and my package arrived in 2-3 days. Premium shipping is definitely the way to go with this company.


2| Flavors
  • Steer clear of the Vanilla. Thinking about that metallic after taste still makes me SMH…






3 | Use Weight loss blogging to EARN EXTRA MONEY.
  • The IdealShape Affiliate Program is dynomite! You not only get paid for referred purchases, but you also get additional money from your blogging buddies that sign up to become affiliates. That’s a win-win! What are you waiting for? Sign up to become an IdealShape Affiliate TODAY!
>>>Click Here to Join the IdealShape Affiliate Program!


Have you ordered your IdealShake yet? Go ahead & give it a try. With their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

What strategies are you implementing to slay your weight loss goals? I’d love to hear about your success. Leave a comment. ~xoxo


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