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How to Get Summer Time Fine

We are already halfway through March. Can you believe it? If you’ve started the year off like me, then you went hard in the gym during the month of January. You were working out frequently and started to feel like it was a part of your regular routine but somehow, February came and you fell off the bandwagon. By the time that Valentine’s Day arrived, you found yourself enjoying cookies, candy and chocolate and now another month has passed without you stepping foot in the gym. When you consider your past, you can testify that you’ve tried every diet, weight loss program and magic pill out there. You’ve even considered weight loss surgery but decided for one reason or another that it wasn’t the best option for you. You may have experienced the inability to stay motivated and even when you’ve lost a few pounds, you’ve eventually fell victim to your secret obsession and fell off the bandwagon yet again. Well if you’re tired of the on again/off again yo-yo dieting, then today is your day. Together we will get Summer Time Fine by participating in the FREE 10 Week Summer Time Fine FIT Challenge.  

The 10 Week Summer Time Fine FIT Challenge was specifically designed for those of us that have fallen off the bandwagon, but are determined to get back on it and transform our bodies before the summer hits. The summer is rapidly approaching and we are determined to be Summer Time Fine. As a matter of fact, I declare right now that we will achieve our Summer Time Fine goal by using the FIT Process – Focus. Implement. Triumph! Let me know that you are joining with me to accept the 10 Week Summer Time Fine FIT Challenge by registering below. When you register for the FREE 10 Week Summer Time FIT Challenge that will take place from March 27-June 4, you will receive the FREE FIT Challenge Action Plan template described below. You will also receive a weekly Monday Motivator email that will inspire you to achieve your Summer Time Fine goals and empower you to maximize your results through weekly challenges and you will be invited to join the FIT Weight Loss Challenge Bodybuilder.com group.

Continue reading to learn specific details about the 10 Week Summer Time Fine FIT Challenge…

FIT stands for Focus. Implement. Triumph! and that’s exactly how we are going to reach our goals in the FIT Weight Loss Challenge.


Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m Possible.” ~Audrey Hepburn

At FIT, we FOCUS on achieving specific, SMART goals by putting the motto ‘Follow One Course Until Successful’ into action. Typically a weight loss challenge begins by stepping on the scale and then your weight is tracked throughout the program. The FIT Weight Loss Challenge begins in a similar manner, but rather than tracking our weight continuously throughout the challenge, we will FOCUS on our workouts. Allow me to explain how it works.

On March 27th (or Day 1 if you begin at a later time), you will begin the day by stepping on the scale and weighing yourself. Your weight will then be used to calculate the number of workouts that you must complete over the 10 week challenge (see the formula below). The workout calculation will then be incorporated into a SMART goal that you will focus to achieve throughout the 10 Week FIT Challenge. Rather than putting your focus on pounds or inches loss, we will Focus on one course and one course only and that’s the number of workouts that you must complete by the end of the challenge.

Number of Workouts

The calculation that will be used to determine the number of workouts that you must complete over the course of the 10 Week challenge is as follows:

# of Workouts = (Your Weight / 52) x 10

Example: Your weight is 200 pounds; 200/52 = 3.846 x 10 = 38.46

38.46 rounds down to 38 so if your current weight is 200 pounds, then you are required to workout 38 times by the end of the challenge. You can meet this goal by working out 3-4 times per week. The action plan that you will receive when you sign up for the 10 Week FIT Challenge includes a chart that outlines the number of required workouts for any weight that falls between 150-350.  


After calculating the number of workouts that you must complete throughout the challenge, you will use that number to begin developing a SMART Goal. If you are unfamiliar with establishing SMART goals, then read ‘3 Ways to Win in Life & Achieve Goals’ where I provide an in depth overview of SMART Goals.

For this challenge, your SMART goal will be stated as follows:

I will workout __ times (insert #) between March 27-June 4, 2017.

Using the examples provided above, an example of a SMART goal is:

I will workout 38 times between April 1-June 10, 2017.

Developing a SMART goal is one of the many topics that is covered in 25 Days to Win, a course that provides you with tools, resources and support to achieve goals and begin winning in life. Use the promo code MarchMadness to join many others that have learned to win in life by enrolling in 25 Days to Win for only $48.50 (50% savings expires on March 31, 2017).

FIT Challenge Vision Board

At Focus. Implement. Triumph!, we use electronic vision boards as a tool to remain focused on our goals. We believe that it is extremely important to have a clear and concise vision that aligns with your focus area. By establishing a FREE Stencil account and following the directions outlined in ‘10 Steps to Create a Powerful Electronic Vision Board,’ you can create a vision board that will motivate you to achieve success and that can be saved as your cell phone screen saver. Between now and March 27th, download the Vision Board Tutorial, create your vision board and share it with me on the FIT Fam Facebook or Instagram (@focus.implement.triumph or use hashtag #fitfamwins) . I’d love to see your vision board and support you during the 10 Week Challenge. You can also visit the Focus. Implement. Triumph! Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook pages to view my vision board and find out the SMART goal that I’m working to achieve during the challenge.


Both tears and sweat are salty, but they will render different results. Tears will get you sympathy; sweat will get you change ~Jesse Jackson

The second step of the FIT Process, ‘Implement’ is where the real work comes in. It’s during this step that you will develop and implement a plan of action. At FIT we teach that an  action plan must include three important components: Dates, Data and Reflection. If you choose to join me in the Summer Time Fine Challenge, then the dates of March 27-June 4 have been predetermined. If you missed the March 27th start date, don’t worry. You can start anytime by signing up for the FREE 10 Week FIT Weight Loss Challenge below. Your participation in the challenge includes an Action Plan Template that you will be able to adapt to your specific timeline. You will also receive a weekly Monday Motivator email that will inspire you to reach your goals and include a weekly challenge that will maximize your results and push you towards success.

Workout Data

The beauty of the 10 Week Summer Time Fine/FIT Weight Loss Challenge is that it is individualized to meet your specific needs. With this program, you are empowered to define what a workout means to you. Your definition of a workout should derive from your current skill and activity level. If you are a beginner and haven’t worked out in awhile, then you might define 30 minutes of cardio at the gym or 30 minutes of walking around the neighborhood as a full workout. If you are more advanced, then jogging a couple of miles might be your definition of a workout. You have the power to completely define what a workout means to you. After defining what your workouts will entails, you will then collect data by tracking your workouts over the course of the 10 week challenge.

Success Tip: Bodybuilder.com is an excellent resource that I highly recommend to find and schedule FREE workouts. I have the app downloaded on my phone and use it to track my daily workouts while at the gym. During the Summer Time Fine FIT Challenge, I will be using the Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer Workout Program. While I’m at the gym, I pull up the app and it provides everything that I need to have an effective and challenging workout. It tells me how much cardio to complete and provides strength training machine exercises with video guides that ensure that I am performing every exercise correctly. After you create a Bodybuilder.com account, I invite you to join the group ‘FIT Weight Loss Challenge’ created by Ericanicole226 (that’s me!) to motivate and chat with others that are participating in the challenge.

SMART Goal Revisited

Now that you’ve defined a workout, you will incorporate this definition into your SMART Goal. Your initial SMART Goal included the number of workouts that you are to complete over the 10 week challenge. Now you will finalize your SMART goal by adding your definition of a workout. Your final SMART goal should be stated as follows:

I will (include description) workout __ times (insert #) between March 27-June 4, 2017 (dates).

Using the examples provided above, an example of a SMART goal is:

I will workout by completing 30 minutes of cardio 38 times between March 27-June 4, 2017.

Anytime you create a SMART goal, it is important to give it the SMART test.

  • 🗹 Is it Specific? Yes! I am working out by completing 30 minutes of cardio.
  • 🗹 Is it Measurable? Yes! I will complete 38 workouts
  • 🗹 Is it Achievable? Yes! It requires a lot of hard work, but I believe in my ability & know without a doubt that I can get it done over the 10 week challenge
  • 🗹 Is it Realistic? Yes! It is realistic for me to complete 30 minutes of cardio, 38 times over a 10 week period
  • 🗹 Is it Timed? Yes! I have 10 weeks from March 27-June 4 to complete my workouts


The final component of your action plan is frequent reflection. At Focus. Implement. Triumph!, we believe that in order to perfect any process, you must engage in frequent reflection. At the end of each week, you will spend at least 10 minutes reflecting on your overall success for the week. During this reflection time, you will answer questions such as, ‘How did your workouts go?’ or ‘How was your eating?’ You will also evaluate your success in completing the weekly challenges that will be included in the Monday Motivator emails. During this weekly reflection period, you will identify your glows, the areas that you performed well in as well as your grows, the areas that you can improve upon in the upcoming week. By identifying your glows and grows, you will be empowered to make the necessary adjustments needed to get Summer Time Fine.


The difference between try and triumph is a little umph ~Author unknown

To set a goal and triumph is such a wonderful feeling. If this is your first time implementing the FIT process, then you probably think that you have to wait until the end of the challenge to celebrate your victory, but that’s actually not the case at all. We believe that small changes add up to BIG results therefore, we celebrate every triumph! As you reflect on your weekly success, incorporate ways to celebrate your small victories. Did you meet your workout target for the week? Celebrate by enjoying a meal that includes your secret obsession. Lost your first 10 pounds? Treat yourself to a new outfit. Completed all of your workouts by the end of the challenge period? Treat yourself to a message. Always remember to celebrate every triumph. Small successes add up to equal BIG results!

So are you ready to join me in reaching weight loss goals with the 10 Week Summer Time Fine Challenge? If so, enroll today!


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