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Struggling to find the perfect gift for the FIT Girl in your life?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!


Still searching for the perfect gift for the fit girl in your life? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! This post shares 20 gifts that’ll help her reach her weight loss goals! | Valentine’s Gifts for Her | Valentine Gift Ideas | fitness gifts | fitness gifts for women | holiday gift ideas | holiday gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Most women anxiously await to wake up to roses and boxes of chocolate, but for the FIT Girl in your life, indulging in such treats could be detrimental to her success.

To avoid buying a gift that will make her sad a few days later when she steps on the scale to see that she’s gained 5 pounds from the chocolate covered fruit that you thought was a healthy alternative, I’ve created this FIT Girl Gift Guide just for you.

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FIT Girl Gift Ideas:

If the FIT Girl in your life is trying to lose weight, then she’ll love using a fitness journal to track her weight loss goals. Help her #slay her goals with one of the journals below…


1 Fitbook Fitness Journal & Planner: $22.99

The Fitbook Fitness  Journal includes 12 weeks of goal setting and weekly planning pages. The FIT Girl in your life will be able to use this journal to log her food intake, vitamins, water, sleep & workouts. Most importantly, she’ll be able to keep track of her before and after measurements, weight and reflect on her journey. She’ll love this journal.

>>>Click here to order the Fitbook Fitness Journal.



2 Fitspiration Journal: $19.99

The Fitspiration Journal is an inspirational fitness journal that features healthy tips, motivational quotes, and space for the FIT Girl in your life to tracks notes and reflect on her weight loss journey.

There’s also a guided gratitude section that will encourage her to think positively everyday. The cover of this journal will constantly remind her that she’s a ‘goal getter!’ 

>>>Click here to order the Fitspiration Journal.



3 Actually… I Can! Journal: $14.74

The Actually… I Can! Journal is an inspirational food and training notebook that will inspire the FIT Girl in your life to get that sexy body that both you and her are dreaming of.

It includes 84 days of food & workout journal entries for her to track her weight loss, healthy habits & results.

>>>Click here to order the Actually… I Can Journal.




4 Personal Training Sessions:

Price varies depending on location & trainer selected

No FIT Girl working hard to lose those unwanted pounds can resist the gift of personal training sessions.

These sessions would be free for her & $50 off for you! Use Code GETFYT to grab this special offer at  FindYourTrainer.com

>>>Click here to find a personal trainer.



5 Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer: $20.95

Using a waist trimmer during my workouts has helped me lose my post-pregnancy belly, finally (Click here to see my results after using a waist trimmer for less than a month.)

The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is a customer favorite. It increases the bodies temperature during exercise improving sweat production and activity. By the end of the workout, her belly will be dripping in sweat!

As a FREE bonus, it includes a breathable carrying bag and a FREE sample Sweet Sweat Gel. This gel can be used along with the waist trimmer during exercise to maximize results.

>>>Click here to order the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer.



6 Yiana Sweat Tank Top Vest: $22.88

Fit Girls that are focused on losing their belly AND love handles FAST will absolutely adore the Yiana Sweat Tank Top Vest!

It’s unique design makes it a Sports Bra + Waist Trimmer + Waist trainer. It’s the perfect gift for FIT Girls who desire to sweat more during their workout, lose water weight faster, and cleanse their pores and released built up toxins.

You can’t beat getting a 3-in-1 weight loss product for less than $25! 

>>>Click here to order the Yiana Sweat Tank Top Vest.



7 Headphones with A.I. Personal Trainer: $249.99

These headphones with an A.I. Personal Trainer will not only allow your FIT Girl to listen to music during her workouts, but they also include tracking, training and heart rate monitoring features.

By connecting to the Free VI Fitness App your FIT Girl will be empowered to review her progress and set weight loss goals.

>>>Click here to order these Headphones with A.I. Personal Trainer.



8 Powerbeats 2 Wireless Active Collection: $139.99

The popular headphones, Beats by Dre, has produced an Active Collection of Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headphones.

These headphones are sweat and water resistant so they’re perfect for the FIT Girl that loves to workout hard!

>>>Click here to order the Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headphones.



Running Arm Band: $15.99

This Running Arm Band features a unique 180° rotatable design that makes it the perfect gift for any FIT Girl that loves to check her phone or take photos while working out.

Adjusting the angle will allow her to take photos or check phone messages without taking the phone out of the armband like some older models require.

>>>Click here to order a Running Arm Band.



10 Running Arm Band Belt: $16.99

The Running Arm Band Belt is the perfect gift for the FIT Girl that prefers to carry her cell phone, keys, money and/or cards while she’s working out.

With this arm band she’ll no longer have to worry about anything falling out of her pockets or having to stuff it in secret places that sweat during workouts. Say Goodbye to sweaty dollars for good!

>>>Click here to order the Running Arm Band Belt.





Smart fitness watches are versatile in the fact that they not only track steps, but they can also be synced to popular apps that map routes, calendar/email alerts, etc. My favorites are the Misfit Vapor & Fitbit Blaze.


11 Misfit Vapor$199.99

The Misfit Vapor Smart Watch is not only super cute, but it’s also super functional! 

Your FIT Girl can use this stylish watch to wirelessly play and pause music, take a selfie and control her smart home devices.

If she’s techie, but doesn’t want to invest in an Apple watch, this is the perfect gift for her. She’ll love it!

>>>Click here to order the Misfit Vapor Smart Watch


12 Fitbit Blaze: $149.99

If your FIT Girl asked for a Fitbit, then surprise her with the smart watch version for the same company, the Fitbit Blaze.

The Fitbit Blaze is like a regular Fitbit on steroids!

She’ll love the multi-sport tracking features that she can use to track activities such as her runs, cardio, cross-training and biking. It also connects to GPS enabling her to to map her routes and see run stats like pace and duration on display.

If the Fitbit has been on her gift list, then she’ll be super happy to find out that she’s getting so much more!

>>>Click here to order the Fitbit Blaze.




13 Inspirational Water Bottle: $17.99

When your FIT Girl needs to hydrate during workouts, send her a sweet reminder with this Inspirational Water Bottle.

This unique water bottle includes the quotes: Think Positive, Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy, Drink Water, Work Hard, Stay Strong, Worry Less, Dance More, Love Always, Smile Often, Be Happy. 

An added BONUS that she’ll appreciate are the time markers and measurements. No more using a permanent marker to draw lines on a plastic gallon of water bottle. It’s already done for her! These time markers will empower her to easily remember to drink water throughout the day with times to drink.

>>>Click here to order an Inspirational Water Bottle.



14 Infuser Water Bottle: $9.97

This Infuser Water Bottle is one of my favorites. When I get tired of drinking regular water, I give it a yummy flavor by adding fruit such as oranges, cucumbers and strawberries.

As an added BONUS, this water bottle includes an eBook outlining “20 Invigorating Infused Water Recipes” to help improve your health and wellness

>>>Click here to order an Infuser Water Bottle.



15 Motivational Quote Gym Towels: $17.49

During a hard workout, at the very moment your FIT Girl is ready to give up, she’ll pick up this Motivational Quote Gym Towel to wipe the sweat off of her face & will be inspired to keep fighting towards her weight loss goals.

Give her that extra push that she needs to slay her goals!

>>>Click here to order a Motivational Quote Gym Towel.



16 Inspirational Sports Duffle Bag: $29.99

Continue to inspire your FIT Girl with this Inspirational Sports Duffle Bag.

My favorite feature of this bag and one that she’s sure to love is the built-in shoe compartment. When she goes straight to the gym after work, she’ll be able to put her cute stilettos in this special compartment so that they don’t get messed up.

Of course this bag also showcases a quote that will inspire & motivate  her on the journey to a healthier, happier life.

>>>Click here to order an Inspirational Sports Duffle Bag.



17 Ninja Professional Blender: $89.99

The Ninja Professional Blender is the perfect gift for the FIT Girl that can’t live without her smoothies.

If she loves smoothies, then the power that this blender uses to create creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies will amaze her. With 1000 watts of professional power, she will love it!

>>>Click here to order a Ninja Professional Blender.



18 IdealShape Key Lime Pie Meal Replacement Shake$49.99

I lost 15 pounds in less than a month by adding two meal replacement shakes per day to my healthy eating plan.

IdealShape’s Key Lime Pie Meal Replacement Shake is my favorite flavor. The FIT Girl in your life will absolutely love these shakes.

This Key Lime Pie Shake includes 9 different superfoods including Spinach, Kale, Fennel, Flaxseed, Blueberry, Parsley, Apple Pectin, and Wheat Grass and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. It is absolutely delicious and helps to control hunger.

At only 110 calories per serving & 12g of protein and 5g of fiber she’ll be forever grateful that you bought this for her.

>>>Click here to order IdealShape’s Key Lime Pie Meal Replacement Shake.


Your FIT Girl will need a blender bottle to mix her delicious key lime flavored shakes. Choose a bottle that’ll give her extra motivation when she needs it.


19 I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle Blender Bottle: $9.99

The I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle Blender Bottle expresses the attitude of every FIT Girl.

It features the patented “Jaxx” agitator that will allow her to powerfully mix and blend protein and meal replacement drinks.

>>>Click here to order the I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle Blender Bottle.



20 Be Strong, BeYOUtiful Blender Bottle: $14.25 

The Be Strong, BeYOUtiful Blender Bottle comes with a BlenderBall that makes it perfect for protein shakes, pre-workout, post-workout and smoothies.

>>>Click here to order the Be Strong, BeYOUtiful Blender Bottle.


Still searching for the perfect gift for the fit girl in your life? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! This post shares 20 gifts that’ll help her reach her weight loss goals! | Valentine’s Gifts for Her | Valentine Gift Ideas | fitness gifts | fitness gifts for women | holiday gift ideas | holiday gifts width=Which gift are you choosing for your FIT Girl? Leave a comment & let me know how she likes it!


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