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Week 1: Mission Possible!

Create an epic online business that aligns with your mission and allows you to positively impact the lives of others! In this class, you'll learn how to develop a mission that represents your true gifts and passions so that you'll launch a business that empower others everyday!

Week 1 Curriculum:

  • Monday: Dream BIG
  • Tuesday: What You See is What You Get
  • Wednesday: Personal Brand Mantra
  • Thursday: Business Essentials
  • Friday: Identify Your Ideal Customer
  • Saturday-Sunday: Reflection

Week 2: Website Design Essentials

Create a website that represents your mission! In this class, you'll learn how to design a website that truly represents who you are & clearly communicates the services that you offer!

Week 2 Curriculum

  • Monday: Theme Customization
  • Tuesday: Homepage & Sidebar Essentials
  • Wednesday: Must Have Plugins for Online Business Success
  • Thursday: Create an Opt-in
  • Friday: Site Map Tutorial
  • Saturday-Sunday: Reflection

Week 3: Blogs that Rock!

Your blog provides the opportunity for you to share your expertise with the world. In this class, you'll develop a blog calendar that will keep you on track and learn the key components that must be present before you hit the publish button. Think SEO baby! (***1-on-1 Strategy Session to Review Website Audit)

Week 3 Curriculum

  • Monday: Essential Blog Elements
  • Tuesday: Blog Post Calendar Planning
  • Wednesday: Blog Image Design
  • Thursday: SEO
  • Friday: What to Do Before You Hit Publish
  • Saturday-Sunday: Reflection

Week 4: Social Media Strategy

In today's world you only have a few seconds to convince someone to check out your blog & join your tribe. In this class, you'll develop and execute a social media strategy that will convert followers to subscribers and increase your blog traffic.

Week 4 Curriculum:

  • Monday: Facebook
  • Tuesday: Instagram
  • Wednesday: Pinterest & Tailwind Tribes
  • Thursday: Google +
  • Friday: Facebook Groups
  • Saturday & Sunday: Reflection

Week 5: Mega Blog Traffic

More traffic to your website means more subscribers. The more subscribers that you have, the more opportunities there are to earn money. This class teaches you specific strategies that will increase your blog traffic and grow your tribe.

Week 5 Curriculum:

  • Monday: Tracking Traffic with Google Analytics
  • Tuesday: Developing a Free Resource
  • Wednesday: Marketing a Free Resource
  • Thursday: Guest Post
  • Friday: Social Media Strategies that Increase Traffic
  • Saturday-Sunday: Reflection

Week 6: Keys to Affiliate Marketing

Your online business isn't a business if you're not earning money! This class teaches you the basics of earning passive income through affiliate marketing. Enroll Today & take your business income to a new level!

Week 6 Curriculum:

  • Monday: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Tuesday:¬†How to Identify the 'Right' Affiliate Products
  • Wednesday: Develop an Affiliate Marketing Action Plan
  • Thursday: Affiliate Marketing Requirements for Success
  • Friday: Earnest the Power of Tutorials and Product Reviews


Week 7: Creating a Challenge with Email Marketing

Now that you have subscribers, it's important that you keep them engaged by providing tons of value. What better way to deliver value than through email marketing? This class teaches you how to use GetResponse to create a challenge that will attract subscribers and ultimately help you achieve success in content marketing.

Week 7 Curriculum

  • Monday: Identify the Perfect Product
  • Tuesday: Set Product Goals
  • Wednesday: Develop a Challenge
  • Thursday: Develop a Challenge Workbook
  • Friday: Set Up the Email Marketing System
  • Saturday-Sunday: Reflection

***1-on-1 Strategy Session: Product Planning, Development & Launch

Week 8: Content Marketing Mastery

Content Marketing is predicted to be a $300 Billion Industry by 2019. Since that's only two short years away, the time to start is NOW! This class empowers you to grab your seat in the content marketing industry and develop a product that sells!

Week 8 Curriculum

  • Monday: Planning for the Perfect Product
  • Tuesday: Packaging & Pricing
  • Wednesday: Use OptimizePress to Develop a Sales Page
  • Thursday: Use OptimizePress to Create a Digital Course
  • Friday: Marketing & Product Launch
  • Friday:
  • Saturday-Sunday: Reflection

***BONUS LESSON: How to Empower Others by Starting Your Own Affiliate Program Tutorial


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