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DIY: FREE Professional Logo and Site Icon in 10 Easy Steps

Download the FREE Professional Logo and Site Icon DIY Manual Here!

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Are you a blogger looking for ways to save money? If so, keep your coins and use this FREE download to design your business logo and website icon using Stencil | Focus. Implement. Triumph


If you’re anything like me then you’re always looking for ways to save money in your blogging business. When I was in the development stages for my blog, Focus. Implement. Triumph! (FIT), I paid someone to create the logo and site icon. I love the FIT logo and continue to use it to this day, but the site icon was another story. Upon approval, I loved it, but after I got my site up and running, I discovered that it was so wordy that you couldn’t make out anything that it was saying. It definitely wasn’t what I wanted to use as a part of my brand identity so I had two options, pay someone else to create another site icon for me or create it myself. I opted to take the second option.

Fast forward….

After much planning and prayer, I decided to create the Black Bloggers Network (BBN), the premier online community that empowers bloggers to earn more money doing what they love. As I began making preparations to launch the BBN website, I was once again faced with the decision to pay someone to create the logo and site icon or to create it myself. Since I already knew that I was able to create the site icon for free, I decided to try my luck and create the logo. Guess what happened? I was able to create a unique and identifiable logo without spending one dime! #winning

Best Kept Secret Now Revealed..…

The program that I use exclusively to create all of the images on the Focus. Implement. Triumph! website and social media pages is Stencil. Yes, you read that right. I use Stencil’s bank of 940,000+ stock photos to create ALL of the images that I use on the FIT website, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram pages. The best part about using Stencil is that my monthly payment of $18 allows me to create unlimited posts using any image that they carry. There are many companies out there to choose from that allow you to create images for free, but you end up paying $1 for each premium image that you use. The free images are typically the same ones that you find on every other blog that uses stock photos. In order to stand out from the competition, your images must be original and paying $1 per premium image quickly adds up when you’re using it to create all of your social media posts. Stencil does offer a FREE option that allows you to create 10 posts per month. If you’re only using it to create your logo and site icon, then the FREE option is for you. If you want to use it only for your blog post images, then I suggest investing in the Pro plan for $9/month which allows you to create 50 posts/month. If you’re not a photographer and opt to use stock photos for everything, then I highly recommend that you invest in Stencil’s Unlimited Plan. It is well worth the $18/month that you’ll spend.

This free download teaches you how to create a professional logo and site icon each in ten steps. The steps are super easy to follow so whether you’re brand new to blogging or an experienced blogger looking to rebrand, you can save money by using this tutorial. I’d love to see the logos and site icons that you create. Send an email letting me know your website url and I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

Are your creative juices flowing yet? Great! Let’s get started.

Download the FREE Professional Logo and Site Icon DIY Manual Here!

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Next Steps…

  • Download the FREE tutorial ‘Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Profitable Website.’ This guide provides step-by-step instructions that will empower you to start your own website on Siteground in less than 30 minutes. The best part is that it only costs $3.95/mo to get started. That’s a price that you can’t beat!
  • After you establish your website on Siteground and set up your business email address, the next step that you will take is to begin customizing your website. This includes choosing a WordPress theme. Even though there are many free themes out there, I highly recommend going with a premium theme as they offer many more features that will enhance your reader’s experience and you will receive regular updates to your website directly from the publisher. Whether you’re looking for a free theme to start with or want to take the leap to purchase a premium theme, go to My Theme Shop. I chose to use their Corporate Theme to develop the Black Bloggers Network website and it is absolutely awesome! Their customer service is phenomenal, which is key for new bloggers and the platform is super easy to use.

Recommended Resources to Help You Grow Your Brand

  • Another useful FREE resource that I created to help you build your brand is Pin to Win. In this FREE tutorial, I reveal how I was able to gain over 1000 Pinterest followers and 6000 page views in my first month blogging. If you want to gain more followers on Pinterest, then I definitely recommend that you download Pin Win.

  • Tailwind: It would be impossible for me to implement the Pinterest strategy that helped me gain so many followers so quickly without Tailwind. This program allows me to automate posts for Pinterest. I spend approximately one hour every Sunday to write pin descriptions and set up my posts for the week and scheduling repins to go out. After one hour, I’m done! For the next 7 days all of my pins automatically post to all of my boards, including the group boards that I’ve joined at the selected times. Tailwind is an essential ingredient to Pinterest success and I share exactly how to use it effectively in the Pin to Win course.  
  • Gain even more exposure to your blog by joining the Black Bloggers Network (BBN) group board on Pinterest. The BBN group board is open to all Black Bloggers Network members. The Black Bloggers Network website will launch on April 1st and will be FREE to join. Even though the website hasn’t launched, the Pinterest group board is accepting new contributors. All you have to do is follow the BBN Pinterest page and send an email to pin@blackbloggersnetwork.com to join today!  

Good luck creating your logo and site icon! Email any questions to Erica@focusimplementtriumph.com.

~See you Soon

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