Do you want to win?

It’s a yes or no question. That’s simple enough. Wouldn’t you agree?

Whether it’s sports, career moves, board games, it doesn’t matter. Most people want to win. At least I think they do. Regardless of this desire to win, when you look around many people are losing… losing in their finances, losing in their relationships, losing in their health. I’d even be willing to bet that there has been a time in your life where you’ve felt like you were losing. You may even be feeling like that right now. If you could take steps to change your life so that you could start winning right away, you’d do it. Right?

With that in mind, I’ll ask you again… Do you want to win?

Did I hear a resounding ‘YES?’ There it is… I hear you saying, YES, YES, YES, I want to win!

Great! Join me in this quick activity that has the potential to change your situation so that you can start winning in life.

Let’s begin by examining your life in four specific areas. For each area, answer the questions below.

  • Finances: How much money do you earn? How much money do you have saved? How much debt you currently have? Are you living the life that you always dreamed of?
  • Health/Wellness: Do you consider yourself to be healthy? Do you workout regularly? Do you generally eat healthy foods?
  • Relationships: Do you have healthy relationships with friends or family? Do you feel overwhelmed because you give so much in relationships without getting anything in return? Do you currently have the love life that you desire?
  • Spirituality: Do you spend quality time with God? Do you spend time reading the Word daily? Do you have healthy relationships with other people that share your beliefs?

Considering your answers to those questions, rate each area on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 meaning that you are completely satisfied with that area of your life.

Look at your list. If you’ve felt like you were losing lately, then I’m be willing to bet that some of your ratings are pretty low. Now that you’ve rated yourself in each area, rank them in order according to your rating. The area that you are most satisfied in should appear at the top of your list, while the area that you’re experiencing the least satisfaction in should appear at the bottom of the list.

Choose the area that you scored the lowest on and write one change that you could implement today that would improve your rating. I want you to begin implementing that one practice today and remain consistent over the next 30 days. I promise you that if you focus on this one practice and implement it daily, you will triumph and begin winning in your life.

The simple exercise that you just completed provides an example of how you can Focus, Implement & Triumph in life! My ultimate goal is to help you WIN in your finances so that you can live the life of your dreams. I am dedicated to providing resources, tools, tips and support that will help you to achieve your goals, create your dream life and one day ‘Ditch the 9-5!’


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